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Our Goals

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Our Goals

We offer a wide range of services including Primary Health Care, Mental Health Care & Integrative Health Care. Our staff and licensed health care professionals are dedicated to treating our patients with compassion and respect. 

We believe in You!

It is our goal that every patient feels better physically and emotionally, helping them make positive changes which lead to greater peace, happiness and fulfillment in their lives and relationships.

Our Goals

What We Want To Achieve

Our Mission

Every individual is of value & worth!

Morgan Primary Health Care, believes that every individual who enters our doors is of value and worth. Our goal is to encourage hopes and dreams in such a way that all people whose lives we touch maximize their unique energies, skills, and talents.

 programs. We know that every patient needs treatment specific to their needs and goals. We are helping individuals create the life they want to live by providing a holistic approach to mental, physical, and nutritional health.

Our team works closely with patients to build personalized treatment

Our Vision

We hope to be recognized for excellence!

To help individuals, couples, families, groups and the community create and sustain a life of wellness, self-care, and personal growth. In this, we hope to be recognized for excellence by the Treasure Valley for providing integrated wellness services essential to patients and our community.

Our dedication to this vision is demonstrated every day as we help individuals, couples, and families find balance while dealing with difficult mental health and wellness issues. We are committed to offering professional guidance, counseling and support to every person who walks through our doors.

 We believe our work is the most important work we can do. The team approach and family atmosphere reinforce our staff’s commitment to helping others improve their life.

Helping our community create and sustain a life of wellness.

Our Philosophy

We strive to make a difference!

Wellness is multifaceted and requires being well in all areas of life. We accept these many facets and take a comprehensive approach by offering services that positively affect well-being.

More than just the absence of pain, disease or illness; wellness requires active engagement by making choices that support an individuals overall sense of well-being. The three primary facets to basic wellness are mental, physical and nutritional , to feel “well”, it is imperative that we engage each of these facets. Our services assist our patients in a achieving a higher level of wellness. This approach addresses the whole person and creates changes that produce sustained wellness.

It is through this continued process as individuals that Morgan Health Care will foster wellness with our patients and in our community to enhance the lives of those we care about.

Our team shares an extraordinary dedication to helping those in need.


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Our team shares an extraordinary dedication to helping those in need.