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Energy Therapy

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Energy Therapy

A form of CAM based on the belief that a vital energy flows through the human body. The goal of energy therapy is to balance the energy flow in the patient. It is used to reduce stress and anxiety and promote well-being.

Energy Work

Energy work can be described as dramatic shifts in healing happening and being recognized. We are a latticework of energies; these energies shape how we feel, think, and live. Energy therapists combine acquired knowledge and intuitive understanding of body energies in various modalities.

Energy Psychology

Energy psychology is practiced by some professionals who treat PTSD, anxiety, phobia, addiction, and a variety of other mental health and physical health conditions. Many find the unique energy work techniques to be easy to learn, and they can typically be practiced by any type of helping professional. Medical doctors, counselors, psychologists, and holistic healers are just a few of the types of professionals who practice energy psychology. 

Energy psychology practitioners may integrate contemporary psychological interventions, such as mindfulness techniques or cognitive reframing, with the stimulation of one or more human energy systems in order to release blocked traumatic events. A practitioner typically administers stimulation to specific energy points, or acupoints, on the person’s skin while the person focuses on a particular concern or a preferred positive mental state, The physical stimulation of acupoints is believed to create electrical and chemical signals in the brain that are thought to help normalize cortisol levels and balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, thus reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress, among other concerns.  


an active meditation, where you change your breathing pattern to boost mental, physical and spiritual health.

Home & Property Energy Clearing​

Do you ever get strange sensations in your own home? With a property clearing session, you will learn about your spiritual property care taker (who is suppose to be there) and any beings that are NOT supposed to be there. I assess your property for any unwanted energies, entities, etc., to be dealt with appropriately. I leave a blessing on your home or property according to your intention.